Welcome to the Hobby Distiller's Association!

The Hobby Distiller's Association is advocating for legalization of hobby distilling in America.

The Hobby Distiller’s Association was formed with the initial intent of working as a strong, unified voice in an attempt to change federal legislation in the United States, finally getting hobby distilling recognized and given the same legal standing that are afforded to hobby brewing and wine making.

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As the organization came together and more input was offered it was decided that the HDA would first pursue legalization federally, and subsequently assist where possible on an individual state level, and potentially even use our model to help gain legalization in other countries.

While legalization remains our primary objective, the association intends to expand into more standard hobby association type activities once that has been achieved. This will mean offering a number of member benefits that will be discussed as progress is made on the legalization front. To that end, we are always happy to hear your thoughts and take them into consideration.

In the past there have been several failed attempts at legalization of hobby distilling. This is in great part due to the lack of support, lack of direction, and lack of unity. Too many previous movements have been derailed because of another small group of people competing for support. This results in too little support for any one group. The Hobby Distiller’s Association aims to change that as the first fully organized and fully financially supported organization to press for legalization of hobby distilling. Yes, it is unfortunate that money talks, but I am sure that you are not shocked to hear that. This is where the HDA stands out. We have a lobbyist in Washington, DC on our side. This is something that none of the small groups has been able to fund, and as we have found over the past couple of years, it is most likely the only way for us to win this fight. This comes at a significant cost, so we need your support! An individual membership is only $30, and will help immensely. The sponsors listed on the Supporters page have agreed to fund all costs not covered by membership dues, so this time the effort will be carried through to the end. This is a large financial commitment, so please show your support for the sponsors in return.

In addition to the financial help that your membership provides, it also provides something equally important- your show of support. The lobbyist has made it clear that we need a large group of individuals showing their support so that they can show our members of Congress that there is substantial interest in legalization of hobby distilling. In order to succeed we must share the names of our supporters with the lobbyist. However, you do not need to be a hobby distiller to show your support. We all have friends, family members, and co-workers who agree with this cause, so please ask them sign up as supporters.

It is time to end prohibition on hobby distilling. Let’s get this done!