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The Hobby Distiller's Association website is currently down. We will be using our Facebook page for updates and member communication in the meantime. We're all volunteers who work full time, and it has become too time-consuming for us to continue to maintain the website without having an active lobbyist in DC working for our cause.

As you may already know, we sent out a newsletter last year to let everyone know that we had to stop lobbying, as Brewhaus could not continue to carry almost the entire cost any longer. We were in for roughly $80K, and membership dues were down to less than 10% of the monthly lobbyist cost. None of our competitors were helping with the cost, or we could have kept the lobbyist going. We are now putting all membership dues and donations aside so that when we have enough to cover the lobbyist for 6 months, we will bring him back on. Until we have a lobbyist back in our corner, we will not be able to get much forward momentum, as we do not have access to those in Congress aside from our own local representatives.

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our Facebook page.